The home is registered to care for elderly people over the age of 65 and this includes people with memory problems associated with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. We can care for people until the end of life as we are well supported by the Community Nursing Services who work with us to ensure the best possible care is given.

Each resident has a personal care plan. This contains all the information needed to care for that person and to ensure we all care in the same way. There is a section on risk assessment to enable any problems to be avoided where possible. There are risk assessments for Falls, Nutrition, Tissue Viability (risk of pressure sores), Moving and Handling.

Every resident has a Keyworker allocated to them who ensures the care plan is maintained and updated and any information is passed to the rest of the team. We hold regular reviews with the residents and their representatives to ensure everyone is aware of any changes and any problems or concerns are addressed.