Meals and mealtimes are very important to us. Not just from a nutritional point of view but as a social event. This is often the only time that all the residents meet and we try to ensure meals are taken in a relaxed and calm environment.

It is our policy to only serve freshly prepared foods. We received the Gold Star award from the Food Inspectors for the cleanliness and organisation of the kitchen.

Meals can be eaten in the dining room or, if preferred, in the residents own rooms.

Choices of foods are offered at every meal. A nutritional screening takes place on admission to ensure the resident is not served foods they would not normally eat. Special diets are catered for such as diabetic, low fat, gluten free etc.

Meal times are:
Breakfast - between 7am and 9am;
Lunch - 12.00pm;
Tea - 4.30pm
Supper - 7pm onwards.

Staff are always available to provide snacks and drinks.